29 November 2010

Orange Crush

I've got a crush no, not on myself...though sometimes my pictures make you think that.

I'm crushing on the color orange.
To me, it is the essence of fall.

It represents the changing of seasons (which I don't see in Houston), yummy dishes (all things sweet & savory surrounding sweet potatoes & pumpkin), and spices used for all those dishes. Spices I only really use this time of the year.

It also reminds me of football as my husband went to the University of Texas (I went to Texas A&M...Gig 'Em!) and we watch a lot of college football each fall.

This orange cardigan has been used a lot but I can still see many other ways to wear it in the 30 for 30 challenge.

Here are 3 ways I've worn it recently.

Outfits # 19-21

orange cardigan, white button down shirt, taupe sweater vest, black skirt, teal heels
accessories: in place of a necklace, a red tie (origin unknown)


orange cardigan, purple floral button down shirt, gray pants, black flats
accessories: colorful beaded necklace (Costa Rica), yellow belt (Target)

This was my shopping outfit for Black Friday.
orange cardigan, yellow half sleeve tee, gray pants, black flats
accessories: glasses (in place of contacts), purple tank (Old Navy), polka dot pashmina (some shop on Harwin Street in Houston)
I tied a knot in the pashmina and looped it to look like an infinity scarf. I never thought of this until I saw the idea here.

Confession: I used to hate the color orange. Literally hated it. I thought I looked horrid when I wore it...and I was right, I do look terrible when I wear certain shades of orange.

I think that is true for most people and most colors. You have to find the shades in each that work for you. I have found that my features work better with more vibrant colors. Pair that with the fact that they also make me smile and now you can picture most of my wardrobe.

But pretty much everyone can wear the color black. And while it is both versatile and classic, I sometimes get bored with it.

Branch out with me and put some color back into your wardrobe! If you mostly wear neutral colors, punch up your outfit with a colorful accessory.

Believe me...bright colors will brighten your day.

Here's a glimpse of my Black Friday adventures...

Waiting outside of a store at midnight with my mom.

Not shopping for myself here...my mom wanted me to try on some boots.

But I did break down and buy a few things for myself at Old Navy on Black Friday.
Then I went home and threw the bag in the back of my closet to avoid the shame I felt.

Taking a break at 2:00 am for coffee and "breakfast" at IHOP.

My cousin Kelsey is pictured here with me. She's effortlessly cute. Annoying, isn't it? :)


  1. Love how you work that orange sweater - isn't it surprising how bright pops of color can become almost like neutrals and work with most everything? I LOVE the pairing with the purple floral top and bright yellow belt - that is a genius outfit :).

    Small Time Style

  2. I love the way you are wearing orange - it looks especially with the purple and white top. Orange + purple = awesome.

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  4. ha! i love your black friday recount. so you're one of those crazy early morning/late night shoppers! that is commitment.

    i totes agree about certain shades - especially a color like orange. gotta find the shade that matches with your skin tone/hair/wardrobe. you're rockin it quite well, lady!!! :)

  5. Love that orange sweater, and how you work it in different ways, especially with purple :)


  6. i think you look FANTASTIC in orange! i love your ingenious use of a tie...husband's? ;)

    also, i love that enormous mug of coffee in your last picture. nom nom. i want one.

  7. That orange is amazing! You wear it so well, too.

  8. Thanks for the link, lovely!

    My fave is your black friday outfit :)

  9. I think orange cardigans are the new black cardigans, seriously they look so good on everyone and pair with a lot of unexpected things! You look great in yours :)

  10. I don't think I ever really saw people wear orange until I lived in Austin. Of course, then you I saw it all over the place! It really grew on me. Now that I don't live there, I find myself drawn to it at the stores.
    I like it best with the purple in that first photo. Unexpected and a great pairing.
    The Auspicious Life

  11. I LOVE the yellow belt with the orange cardigan. You mix and wear bright colors so well!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves