10 November 2010

Once, Twice, Three Times an Outfit

well hello there. come here often?

Day 3 and I'm already regretting my choice of shoes. One pair of flats.
I obviously don't want to wear them everyday, so I'm trying to wear all my heels first.
Please ignore any bandaids you spot on my feet.

I LOVE this yellow ruffle jacket. It's probably my favorite piece out of the 30 selected for the remix.

I was so close to switching out these yellow heels out of the remix for a 2nd pair of flats. But apparently my husband knows the rules of the game and said I'd be cheating. I guess it's good to have someone keeping me in check on this thing!

hello, veiny feet

My apologies but I can't fix my hair every single day!

Forgot to get a shot of the shirt up close during our "photo shoot" so I had to live with a quickie in my office. A quick photo...that's what I meant by quickie...nothing else.

Outfit: blue flutter sleeve top & gray skirt (Francesca's Collections)
yellow ruffle jacket & Fossil scarf (Macy's)
Seychelles yellow peep toe wedge heels (DSW)
earrings, necklace, bracelete (Costa Rica honeymoon trip)

Looking at Kendi's outfit yesterday, I was getting down that I hadn't put even one polka dot piece in my selections. I have 2 cardigans, a dress, and several tops that are all cute and polka dotted.

photo shoot strip tease. ok, not really.

But then I remembered this pretty scarf in my closet - YAY for accessories!

Before you leave, I want to thank my photographer for the day.

But seriously...can I maybe still switch out an unworn sweater from my 30 pieces for another pair of flats?! Is that cheating?


  1. I love that bright yellow jacket! Seriously, you are a color master! And I totally love that last photo! ;)


  2. Color master? Ha, I don't know about that! I just love color is all. And I figure that bright colors always coordinate.

    Thanks, I was totally just foolin around when we took pictures. I have a lot of pics with my mouth wide open like that...not sure why, but I guess I think it's funny.

  3. Your personality and the colors of your outfit really fit with your blog. After seeing your jacket I wish we were allowed to shop now. ;)

    Great look and remix!

  4. haha, i LOVE these pics! you look so happy! def better than seeing some of the "model" faces some bloggers use ;)

  5. Beautiful! And now, with no real need for them whatsoever, I want a yellow jacket and coordinating shoes!

  6. I agree about the colors... what a beautiful combination! I love bright colors!! (And you should totally post your engagements pics! :)

  7. I like how the scarf helps pull the blue shirt together with the yellow jacket. It really helps complete the whole look! And those shoes are great too. - Katy

  8. You do great with your color combos. I love the jacket. The scarf is so fun and so are your pictures!

  9. Thanks y'all, I appreciate the comments and encouragement! Seriously, that yellow jacket is one of my favorite things EVER! I couldn't find it online at Macy's but I bought it at a Macy's store a few weeks ago.

    *Taylor...embarrassed by my spelling error...I fixed it...thanks. But really, maybe my feet actually are vain as well as veiny. I don't know...ask them on Friday when you see them. Haha. Glad you are reading these fashion posts when I know you really don't care about them.

  10. you are right, that jacket is FABULOUS. your outfits give me hope that office wear need not always be frump and boring :)

    thanks for helping me mentally remix my dress, btw!

  11. I love this outfit! I also love how you use color so well. As I'm remixing, I'm realizing I played it too safe with lots of darks.

  12. That jacket is gorgeous and paired with the blue it pops even more!

  13. JACKET. I want it. You look absolutely gorgeous and I love the contrast of the cobalt blue and the mustard yellow. Cute scarf, too!