04 November 2010

What Fashion Sense?

I mostly blog about sewing. And I love sewing and crafting...when I'm not too lazy to do it. Not the homeschool-looking crafty from the 80s (think denim jumpers with puffy paint), but the modern cute crafty that doesn't look crafty (think Etsy, for the most part).

But I also love fashion. I'm addicted to Project Runway (side note: I'm still upset Mondo didn't win it all), and my friends always tell me I'm the fashionable one of the group, that I share my "fashion sense" with them. What fashion sense? I just go buy clothes that are cute. Or sometimes I try to imitate a cute look I saw with pieces I already have. And then I buy cheap fashion jewelry that is bright and colorful to pair with my clothes. Maybe that's all there is to having a "sense" of fashion. I don't know.

I'm about to truly challenge my fashion sense with the 30 for 30 Fall Challenge, hosted by Kendi at Kendi Everyday. If you haven't clicked on that link yet, do it. Kendi is so super cute and funny and she truly embodies the words "fashion sense."

Here's the low down for the challenge:

  1. I pick 30 items from my closet...shoes, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, etc. Accessories don't count against me...but I know I'll be using them lots!
  2. I remix these items to create 30 looks and wear them.
  3. I don't shop for 30 days. WHAT?!!

Why am I doing this again? I can't shop for myself on Black Friday?! Does it count if I go shopping and someone buys it for me as a gift, as long as I don't wear it during those 30 days?? I don't think it should count so let's just say it doesn't.

I've already got some ideas for what clothing pieces to use. Like Kendi, I freely admit that I have an overabundance of clothing. Because of my pear-shaped bod, I stick to neutrals for my lower figure and more tops than I know what to do with. But I have several pieces that I like, but just don't wear. I'm going to throw a few of those in there, just to see what outfits may come.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions are welcome. I already paid the $4 for the 30 for 30 Remix Workbook. Definitely a must read if you've signed up for the challenge. Plus...hello...only 4 bucks.
I'm looking forward to a very remixed fall wardrobe. Maybe I should get some shopping in before it starts, ha!