24 November 2010

Going on Seventeen

Hello Day 17. You treated me well. I thank thee.

I must admit that I really loved my outfit today.
Great outfits really help lift the spirits.
My great mood was also helped by a short work day and a foodie holiday tomorrow.

You know everyone's in a good mood when Lucy wants to get in a picture.

Does anyone else try to take pictures of themselves?
It's hard to get one of the entire outfit on my own, but close-ups are pretty good.

Woah, it's like Alice in Wonderland...which vial gives you tiny feet and giant beads?

I'm off to finish making my contributions to Thanksgiving feast. So far, I have made 3 dozen homemade yeast rolls and 4 pies. Tomorrow morning I will finish my yummy three cheese pasta bake.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a wonderful holiday!
And for everyone else, have a wonderful Thursday!

Yes, I see you...don't be shy...leave a comment. :)

black zipper tank (Kohl's)
blue floral cardigan (Urban Outfitters)
gray skirt (Francesca's Collections)
teal heels (Endless.com)
orange beaded necklace (Old Navy)
yellow belt (Target?)
Fossil earrings (gift)


  1. I love this bright, happy outfit! (The 'Alice In Wonderland' photo is the best!)

    I take my own photos, but sometimes I don't love the results, like how it makes my arms, neck, or chest look. ;)

  2. Your posts just make me smile, I needed a dose of color - we got MORE snow today and I am feeling rather dreary!

  3. I love your bright outfit and that print is so adorable!

  4. again, i am loving all your bright colors and you adorable pooch :)

  5. Love the necklace & your precious pup!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for some beautiful jewelry if you like:

  6. HEY!! hi, I am a new follower and also doing the remix and lovin it!! you have great colors and style.. so much color I love it.. I am stuck with alot of black in m 30 items which makes it abit boring. Anyway, I'll be back to get ideas from you for sure!!!

    xox J

  7. Oooooh pretty cardigan!!! And necklace! I self-timer most of my pictures but sometimes a friend takes them for me =]

  8. This outfit is sooo cute...I love your use of colourful accessories!

  9. You are rocking this outfit! I love the bright colors. How could you not have a great day when you are dressed this cheery?! Love it!
    The Auspicious Life