16 November 2010


Outfit #8...and #9?

It's been many moons since I wore a vest. I have owned this one for probably 4 (maybe more) years now and this is the first time I've worn it. I loved it in the store (plus it was on sale, score!).

But then I got home and was like...uhhhh...what do I do with you?
Maybe I tried it on and realized it's kind of big for me now.
But it's also a vest so I don't think it (or I) care if the size is a little off.
Except the...ahem..."chest" area is slightly gapping...and pointy. Weird.
Cousin Itt made an appearance.

It was actually still chilly enough mid-morning to keep my coat on for a few pics.

I think I can easily say that taking the vest off creates another outfit...don't you think?
This picture was too funny not to share...channeling my inner rockstar?

So here's Outfit #9 as well, Boo-Yah! I don't think people say that anymore.

It's a purple-y day...but I always have to include splashes of other bright colors.
Fun kelly green scarf and bright yellow flower bracelet.

In other news, I'm currently posting from the country of Colombia for the next few days...sent here for work.

purple floral button down shirt (Ann Taylor)
jeans (GAP)
navy coat (JCPenney)
navy vest w/stripes (Kohl's)
purple ruffle flats (Target)
green scarf (Target)
yellow bracelet (Charming Charlie)
silver hoop earrings (gift - James Avery)


  1. Woohoo! That's easily 2 outfits!! Love that vest! And I love that last picture where you look silly :P


  2. I love that fun purple shirt & the scarf is lovely...looks alot like the one I wore yesterday! ;) great minds think alike!

  3. i'm wearing a vest today, too! i think you pull yours off fantastically :) and i am LOVING that purple print.

  4. I really like the color of that scarf, the minty spring green really pops! Yay Columbia! It must be nice to travel a bit :]