08 November 2010

30/30 Outfit #1

Big(ish) day for me. First day back at Boot Camp and first day of the 30/30 Remix! You should feel lucky cuz I totally fixed my hair today (i.e. blow-dried it). I guess that's another facet to the challenge that I didn't think of. I obviously don't want to look like a slob in my pictures! And maybe I even put on some lipstick for you. My husband doesn't even get that most of the time. But he also doesn't like it cuz then he gets goopy stuff on his lips when he kisses me.

Back from my tangent...so this outfit was one of the first ones I wrote down when I was creating my list this weekend. I just got this cardigan a week and a half ago and when I re-found this yellow tee and added it to the remix, I just knew they would be perfect together. And I'm wearing my new teal heels! They are so super cute y'all!! I love the exaggerated stitching on them and the funky heel...is there a word for that type of heel?

Confession: I have maybe 3 belts...none of which I've ever worn. I always want to, but then I think it looks dumb. But I've had this cute purple belt from Darlybird for a while and I'm so glad I finally got to wear it! I am still trying to branch out into the world of wearing belts over clothes, not in your pants' belt loops.

Today was chilly when I left for work. So I threw on my hip leather jacket that my hubby (then bf) bought me last year. I'm lucky to have a dude that knows style...I often ask him if something looks good together and I know I can trust his opinion. (Only exception was that he agreed with his fashionless friend that my cardigan looked like a "grandma sweater." It's called vintage...geez.)

The necklace I'm wearing is for pictures only. I tried to wear it at work and it clanged against the belt. Note to self: do not wear a hard belt buckle with a long beaded necklace.

So...I like to incorporate lots of color into my outfits...but does it still coordinate? Does the belt look weird after all? I'm so self conscious of it!


  1. Gah, those shoes are GORGEOUS!

    I think your colours work very well together and I love the belt. Can't wait to see more of your mixes!

  2. Love the all of the colors in this outfit. I also pretty much only wear lipstick when taking outfit photos. Too much hassle!


  3. The belt does not look weird at all and all the colors work perfectly together! I absolutely LOVE those teal heels!! They are amazing! Can't wait to see how you remix them!

    Small Time Style

  4. Love this colorful outfit!!! It definitely works! I especially love those pumps!!


  5. Love the outfit. The colors are great!