11 November 2010

Channeling Mondo

Day 4 of the challenge.

Anyone else obsessed with Project Runway? Specifically this last season and Mondo, who should've totally won the entire thing. Mondo was known for his use of pairing patterns and colors.

Maybe my outfit pairing isn't as crazy as some of his, but I'd like to think I still create a look that works here.

I definitely went for more of a casual look today. Also more comfortable with my flats on.

My feet love me again.

I didn't really need the scarf today. Just threw it on for some extra color.
If you hadn't noticed, I love bright colors!

And maybe I went ahead and switched out the yellow l/s sweater for another pair of flats. Just like Joey, my reasons were threefold.

1. My feet were hurting after 3 days of heels.
2. I also had a yellow tee and yellow jacket already in the mix.
3. I'm possibly going to Colombia next week for work and needed more flats for the trip.

I.N.C. black/white plaid tunic shirt from Macy's
Striped cardigan from Old Navy. Similar one here.
Denim skirt from Ann Taylor.
Earrings from Target...I think.
Blue beaded ribbon necklace from Old Navy.
Yellow jersey scarf from Target. I like this one better though.
Striped tights from Urban Outfitters. Not seeing them online, but look at some other ones they carry!
Purple ruffle flats from Target


  1. you brave girl! loving all those pattern mixes! today i paired lace tights with ruching and THAT was a big deal for me! haha.

    i am head-over-heels for 1) that sweater and 2) those shoes. comfy and fabulous, in that order :)

  2. Woot woot!!! Plaid and stripes today, you make it work, girl!!! Love that you gave a casual look a punch of color, which you do wonderfully each time :P


  3. Mondo! I am still bitter about Gretchen winning. Ha! I love all the patterns today. I want to try an outfit like that this month!

  4. I totally agree! I loved Mondo and thought he was the best designer of the bunch. Boo! :(

    Although, I am loving your Mondo-esque, bright, colorful, patterned look! So adorable!

    I'd love to try something like that but I would definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone. Then again, I guess this is what the 30 for 30 is all about. So maybe I'll give it a shot. ;)

  5. Yay! This might be my favorite Remix so far!

    Also, Mondo rocks, and you're channeling him perfectly!

  6. Love Project Runway!! My fav was Mondo and you are channeling him rather well!!

    Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog! =)I love your background...I look forward to following your blog!!


  7. ooh great pattern mixing. i love mondo! he totally grew on me over the season, however i haven't seen the finale yet, so i don't know who won. i hope it wasn't gretchen...

  8. Love the mix of patterns here. So cute and fun!

  9. I love PR but I missed most of it this season. I love the patterns and the shoes! I love purple shoes.