18 November 2010

Colombian Coffee...and some clothes too

Greetings from Colombia...last night here...utter exhaustion in my near future.

I have to be ready for our driver to pick us up at 6:00 in the morning...which is really 5:00 in my normal central time zone...yuckies.

Day 1 on balcony of hotel room.

Short, but packed trip. I mostly saw the inside of a training room the entire time. Managed to get a glimpse of the mountain behind the fog one day, but that's the extent of sight-seeing we did.

one glimpse of the beautiful mountain

Favorite part of the trip...the free coffee. At home, the coffee at work is basically nasty, flavored dirt. But in Colombia...it's beautiful every time. There was even a coffee machine (FREE!!) where you could choose a cappuccino, mocha, cafe con leche (with milk), and 10 other available combinations. You only got a few ounces, but once I discovered that machine, I was on a caffeine high the entire second day of training.

No joke, kids...Colombian coffee is the real stuff...now go forth and drink it!

I have informed you thusly.

On to Outfits #10 & 11

Outfit #10

blue tee/striped cardigan/black pants/black flats...boring

Just so you know, I came to Colombia with no jewelry and very little accessories. The crime rate is higher here than in most of the states and muggings are common, even in some nicer business areas as we were in. So I wanted to be cautious so I wouldn't attract attention.

Outfit #11...awkward Waldo look-alike?

striped purple sweater over floral purple shirt/ gray pants/green scarf/black flats

These 2 outfits would not be the same if I had the following items:

1. No accessories...except my green scarf. I didn't want to stand out with my awesome fashion and incredible styling...haha...

...but really, I didn't.

2. My regular awesome photographer. I had to settle for some boring pictures taken on the balcony of our hotel room by my coworker. It was awkward enough to ask her, so no fun ones. :(

3. Sleep. You can tell that I was dragging each of these mornings.

I'll catch you on the flip side when I'm back home and have some accessories to boot.

To boot...is that a Canadian phrase? I hope so, cuz in my head I pronounced it with a Canadian accent.


  1. Gah, it sucks that you didn't get to see much! I LOVE South America!!! When we were in Peru last summer, they would run these tourist commercials that said, "Columbia...the only risk you're taking is not wanting to leave". hahaha! Have a safe flight home and get some rest! :)

  2. YAY for awesome coffee! :) Love the simple outfits though. And you do not look like Waldo in that last pic! :P


  3. I hope you had a great time, even if it was a short trip.
    Love the simple outfits. That green scarf is great!
    The Auspicious Life

  4. Coffee..Coffeeee....cofffeeeeeeeeee. Sorry, when I read the phrase "free coffee" I just started uncontrollably shaking with desire.
    Back to fashion...you look great! Simple outfits are definitely best for traveling, methinks.