29 November 2010

Turkey Day Attire

Outfit #18 of the challenge was on Turkey Day.

Simple layered outfit + yummy foods = wonderful holiday with the family.

Jeans are a good idea if you don't want to stuff your face too much. Too bad I forgot that was the reason I wore them.

I've been experimenting with taking my pictures myself. I guess my backyard fence is as good a backdrop as any.

Coming up tomorrow and perfect for the fall and holidays...the color orange.


yellow half sleeve tee (Downeast Basics)
white short sleeve button down shirt (Banana Republic)
bootcut jeans (GAP)
purple ruffle flats (Target)
jewelry (er...?)


  1. i love this outfit! your layering is perfect and i love the combo of yellow and purple! you look so cute!

  2. Oh I have a similar jacket thingy - you've given me an idea of how to wear it...