15 November 2010

The Real Teal

Outfit #7...but I really wore it last Friday.

See how long it takes to go back and post something when you don't take picture the day of?

I had to cut off my head here...my eyes were all scary and wide and creepy...but am I more creepy without a head? Probably!

Ok, fine, here's my creepy face in a close up, ok? I think I looked like a freaky Nicole Richie here. Wait, do you have to say freaky before her name? I think it's already implied.

My makeup wasn't even all on yet!

I'm seriously getting my mileage out of these teal heels already. I ADORE them!!
I'd be wearing them again today if I didn't have to walk around the airport.

I had browsed a lot but never bought from Endless until these shoes a couple weeks ago. I ordered them around 5:30pm on Thursday evening. They shipped out that day, free shipping, no tax, and arrived at my house on Friday afternoon! It was so exciting!

I've also discovered that this black tank I included is super resourceful for many outfits. I haven't even worn it alone yet.

And first time to wear this gray belt. It's too long to just wear at my natural waist, so I pulled it down a little and did this weird knot with it and I think it's kinda working for me.


black zipper tank (Kohl's)

oversized taupe sweater vest (LOFT)

my favorite GAP jeans

red necklace from Charming Charlie

purple earrings (?)

gray belt (?)


  1. Very cool shoes!

    I totally dig Endless (and Zappos!) too. I'm finally realizing it's worth paying a little more for the fast and 'free' shipping just because returns can be such a hassle and so expensive anywhere else.

  2. i do the belt-knot thing, too! a little twist on the usual old belt! :)

  3. those shoesss are to die for. and i love endless, too. on the quest for the perfect black boot i have returned like three pairs to them and it is so easy every time.

  4. Aw, everyone has BFDs (Bad Face Days), haha. But I love this outfit!!! The unique belt really pulls everything together :)