22 November 2010

Weekend Warrior

After my visit to South America, I was pretty exhausted this weekend.
I basically did nothing. And I'm proud of that.
Scratch that...I did a little laundry and dishes. Go me.
This weekend's outfits.

Outfit # 12
World traveller...going for comfort here since I was on a plane for 5 hours.
yellow 1/2 sleeve tee: Downeast Basics
jeans: GAP
purple ruffle flats: Target

Outfit # 13
My husband and I went out to watch the UFC fights on Saturday night.
So I went a little fancy.
black zipper tank: Kohl's
jeans: GAP
teal shoes: Endless
accessories: ??
Outfit # 14
White button down shirt with puffy sleeves: Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap
Purple ruffle flats: Target
Pink scarf with pom poms: Target (I think)
I said I was going to stand up on the bridge...but then I tried and got too scared.

Yes, I wore jeans each day. But hey, I even washed them between Friday and Saturday...mostly to get the travel smell off of them.

Does anyone else lounge around on Saturdays until they are going somewhere?
Oh yeah...me neither.
A big thanks to my wonderful photographer!

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  1. girl i am loving all your colorful accessories...shoes and scarves ftw!