09 November 2010

Za-Za-Zing ... AKA Outfit #2

I'm not gonna lie. I feel hot in today's outfit. There's something about a fitted skirt and heels that makes a girl feel pretty.

Today's outfit is almost a complete opposite from yesterday. Where I had tons of color yesterday, I employed mostly black today with just a splash of color. I ended up with a sort of post-Halloween look...but hopefully not in a cheesy way.

I originally wrote down today's outfit to include the yellow ruffle jacket, not the cardigan. Without the jacket on, I asked my husband what he thought, he made a face and I said, "Too slutty?" and he confirmed. Haha. It's not that the black tank and black skirt are really slutty, but just slightly inappropriate for the office without something over it.

All black jewelry makes me think glammed up goth. I totally just made up that phrase.

Necklace and butterfly earrings from some store in New Orleans on Decatur...close to Urban Outfitters in the French Quarter.

Bracelet from H&M from my trip to DC at New Year's. Why don't they have a store even close to Texas?!!!

I put the black tank in the mix because it seemed so versatile. I have a feeling I will be wearing it with jeans one weekend. Or maybe again with the skirt and no cardigan for a night out with my hubby.

By the way, is anyone else major pear-shaped out there like me? See booty in Figure 1 above. I don't know about you, but I have a serious problem with the pencil skirt trend. It is NOT flattering on a big booty like mine. So this black skirt isn't a pencil skirt but it is straighter than I would normally wear. It's also a size bigger than I usually wear. I probably bought it 15 pounds ago, but I never got comfortable with it until recently.

But guess what? A dress size is merely a number! It doesn't mean anything! I mean, seriously, I probably have 4 different sizes when you look at my dresses and skirts.

I love my Steve Madden snakeskin heels!

I threw on this black sash and tied it as a last minute accessory. I think I needed some belt, but this was the closest I had. I think it kind of works. What do you think?


  1. I have probably anything from a zero to a ten, and thrift store shopping makes sizing even harder. Love those shoes. I think the sash is a nice touch. I was going to comment on it before you even said anything.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. This is a great look! I love black and red together, and the black belt over the sweater pulls the whole look together.

  3. Thanks for visiting .You look so very different in your outfits but you have a great sense of style.Both pairs of shoes are cool!

  4. You have all the reason to feel hot in this outfit, because you look SMOKIN'!!!! And the sash adds the perfect touch to the outfit! I love it!!


  5. I'm still unsure of what shape I am, I think you look great in this style of skirt :) I'm so inspired to wear my orange cardigan tomorrow, I've been lacking in the color department!

  6. i love an orange sweater--the pop of color is awesome.

  7. Love the color of the cardigan and LOVE your accessories!
    I have a link up on WEdnesdays (today!) for gals like you who like to coordinate jewelry with their outfits. Come link up! :)