13 November 2010

Working for the weekend

so I skipped Day 5 for now and will post it tomorrow.
I guess this is outfit #5 that I'm posting, but it's really Day 6's outfit.
that's confusing.
today I was a total bum. I literally only got dressed so I could go pick up pizza. I was cleaning or ironing or reading most of the day.
it was nice to just relax but maybe I should've put real clothes on early than 6:30pm.
yes, I do realize that I'm repeating everything but my shoes in today's outfit.

and I'm perfectly okay with that...especially since I'm only wearing it for like 4 or 5 hours...
ok, let's be honest...I'll probably take the belt and cardigan off in 2 hours.
a glimpse into my home

my dog Lucy wanted to be in some pics too...this is the most awkward picture EVER. had to include it cuz it makes me laugh!

I love Lucy!

now I have to show some love for Layla...just to keep Lucy in her place so she doesn't get a big head or anything.
these pics were taken last weekend.

why can't they look at the camera?!

hope y'all are having a beautiful weekend!

orange cardigan from Target
I.N.C. black white plaid tunic shirt from Macy's
gray bootcut pants from JCPenney
black flats from DSW
necklace from Charming Charlie's
belt from Target


  1. haha you are too funny, im gonna stalk your face now, too.

    cute puppies!! maybe i'll just stalk them instead!

  2. Aw, it's ok to feel like a bum from time to time (especially on weenends... give yourself some slack! :P). I love how you paired orange and yellow in this outfit! And your dogs are too cute! :)


  3. Orange cardigan...plaid shirt...You're the best dressed bum I know! Haha whenever I'm wearing a belt it comes off right after every meal.
    And your puppies are so cute!!

  4. I love the orange cardi with the plaid shirt. Very cute combo!
    No Guilt Fashion

  5. your dogs are too cute!!! i love lucy's eyes! :)

  6. love that outfit! i totally feel you on not getting dressed until way too late in the day...and also for taking belts off as soon as you hit the couch!

  7. Shhh! I won't tell if you won't, but I rarely wear my entire pictured outfit for longer than an hour. It's just that I don't really have anywhere to wear it/it's not very comfortable/any other excuse to get back into pjs. But you sure were uber stylish in this frock picking up pizza!

    & can I take a wild guess that your favorite color is yellow? If not, it should be 'cause you look great in it.

  8. It certainly doesn't look like you got dressed just to pick up a pizza...very well put together without looking like it! LOVE me some pooch pics!! I have one that is camera shy and won't look...but I have one that won't keep her nose out of the camera!! Gotta love 'em!! =)