24 November 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I'm over the halfway hump in this remix quest. YAY!

Lucy really should've cleaned up her toys for y'all.
Yes, that is Gumby. Lucy loves Gumby and so do I.

Day 16 looks a lot like Outfit #5 (day 6). Same pants, same top, same cardigan. But without the cardigan, you can see the yellow tee I layered with it to create a (hopefully) new look.

Lucy is camera shy today.

A few things I learned from Day 16's outfit.

My wavy hair looks worse in pictures.

Don't wait until you get home to take pictures. You need natural light...for your face...and also for your hair not to have crazy shadows on the wall.

I should hopefully have time to also post Day 17 pretty soon.
I have to admit, my pre-Turkey Day outfit is pretty cute!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
The hubby and I will be going to both of our parents' houses in town and eating our favorites at each place.

I.N.C. black white plaid tunic shirt (Macy's)
gray bootcut pants (JCPenney)
yellow half sleeve tee (Downeast Basics)
orange cardigan (Target)
purple ruffle flats (Target)
orange/yellow bead necklace (Old Navy)
blue earrings (Charming Charlie)


  1. dont be so hard on yourself, girl! you look cute as always. havea great turkey day! :)

  2. i love your mix of colors here! bright but not too busy. adorableeee :)

  3. Love how you layered the yellow top under your shirt, hehe. Happy Thanksgiving, I have no plans because I live in Canada and we had our Thanksgiving a while ago :P


  4. Such great colors and I love those earrings!
    I have a link up every Wednesday for everyone who coordinates jewelry with their outfits, come link up!