02 December 2010

Layering Fool

I layer a lot with my clothing, even before I started the remix challenge. But the remix has forced me to create new ideas for layering that I would've never paired together before.
A lot of my ideas are coming from being inspired by other remix bloggers out there.

If I could remember all the remix blogs I've visited, I would give the proper credit to the blogger I got my ideas from...but seriously...there's over 350...and I have no idea where I saw what.

That being said, let's check out outfits 22 and 23.
I'd like to point out that I'm actually on outfit 26, but I have to go back and take pictures of a few outfits from this past week.

Outfit # 22

black pants (New York & Co), black tank which you can't see (Kohl's), striped sweater (Old Navy), taupe sweater vest (LOFT), snakeskin heels (Steve Madden)
accessories: green scarf & yellow belt (Target)

I'm wearing a cami, then the black tank, neither of which you can see, then the striped sweater all buttoned up and underneath the taupe sweater vest. With the scarf covering everything, I could've just worn the striped sweater without a shirt under it...but that would've been quite scandalous if I'd tried to take the scarf off at work.

But I'm super proud of this outfit. I totally tried something new and wore a scarf under a belt, go me!

If I were going to change one thing about the outfit, I think I'd wear the belt a little lower. I'm thinking it looks a little high...and my husband definitely agreed.

I also want to try the scarf under belt thing under a blazer...I think it would make it look like a new shirt!

random picture from the "shoot"...

Am I angry? Am I sexy? What on earth is going on in this picture?!

Outfit #23

gray pants (JCPenney), blue tee (Francesca's Collection), blue floral cardigan (Urban Outfitters), orange cardigan (Target), yellow ruffle jacket (Macy's), purple flats (Target)
accessories: necklace & earrings (Charming Charlie)

I pinned the blue floral cardigan together so you could see more of it underneath the orange cardigan.

Yes, the orange cardigan made a comeback...already...except I combined the previous 3 outfits together even though I didn't wear them in back to back days. I highly doubt anyone at work even realizes that I wore it on Monday with the skirt and tie.

I have a crazy amount of layers in these 2 outfits. Besides all the pieces I mentioned, I am also wearing a cami underneath my shirt each time. Even under 3 or 4 layers, I still wear a cami...it has nothing to do with modesty, so I guess it is just habit by now.

We're coming around the bend for the remix and it's been quite interesting. I wrote up all my outfit ideas at the beginning but I only referred to my sheets a few times, mostly the first week. After that, I just had fun looking at my clothes and creating something new.

Next week I get to raid the rest of my closet again, YAY!


  1. Yay for the belted scarf!! And outfit #23 is seriously the BOMB, I love that yellow ruffle jacket!!


  2. you. are. hilarious! and that yellow sweater? yeah i want it:)

  3. YAY! you are SO ALMOST THERE! :D

  4. The scarf belting is great. Some of the bloggers can pull it off (others are still learning)..I'm not even trying! I think it works best when the scarf looks like one solid piece at the bottom, like yours does. Yay!

    The Auspicious Life

  5. as always, lindz, i am in AWE of your awesome use of color. i especially love that ruffly orange coat. TOO good.

  6. Love the belted scarf. But that yellow ruffled jacket is AMAZING. This is me coveting it a little. *covet*


  7. I finally tried the scarf + belt combo for the first time myself just yesterday. It looks great on you! And I'm with everyone else, I LOVE the yellow coat!

    Good luck in the home stretch!!

  8. OK, so these layers are beyond perfect. I love that color-striped sweater of yours, and how you added even more color. And that ruffle jacket is just divine! Yay for being almost done!