20 April 2011

Inspiration Outfit: Gwen Stefani

Were you missing my outfit posts? Never fear, one is here! Yes, I'm Dr. Seuss now. But I'm not a doctor, so Mrs. Seuss perhaps?

Ok so I have to forewarn y'all. You're going to see the inspiration photo and then my outfit photo and go "huh?" But remember, the inspiration outfit is just that...inspiration...not replication, people! At least that is how I view it.

Although I have to admit that I do wish I had some closer options for this one, but I think I still managed fairly well.

So here's the original inspiration outfit, picked out by 2 birds:

Gwen, you are so effortlessly hot. Seriously. I mean, who else can pull off 6 inch heels, sagging bf jeans with plaid shirt open to show off flat killer abs?!

Hey, don't look at me. I definitely can't pull that off...so I went the easy route with this one.

But what I love about these little challenges is that it's just got me thinking more about the clothes in my closet. I have worn unique outfits each week that I wouldn't have normally paired together. And it's not that I'm going so crazy creative, it's just that I hadn't thought of it before.

My take on Gwen's outfit:

Plaid shirt: Walmart (I know!), green tank: JCP, skirt: LOFT, Steve Madden pumps: DSW

necklace: Francesca's, earrings?

Lucy is such a jealous little B, wanting all the attention!

Now that you're thoroughly confused as to my choices, here's my thought process.

1. I had to make this work appropriate. So even though I can wear jeans to work, I wouldn't cuff them like that anyway and I'm really trying not to wear jeans until I hit Thursday. It just forces me to wear nicer dress pants and skirts I don't normally wear. As a side note, I also went to a concert that night and tried to cuff my jeans with the rest of the outfit the same. Husband said it looked good, but all my jeans are bootcut so I felt like it was too bulky.

2. I totally had the perfect blue checkered shirt to wear that I had bought at the J. Crew Outlet. I wore it under a v-neck sweater one day (this was obviously while it was still cold in Houston, so probably about 6 weeks ago) to work and at the end of the day, I was stretching my arms and riiiiip. Thankfully they took it back. So I had no other plaid shirt options.

3. Even if I a) had heels that tall, then I still wouldn't be able to b) walk in them or c) wear them to work all day.

4. I like the outfit I ended up with and I think it still points to Gwen's inspirational outfit a tad. Hey, I'm taking her outfit and making MY version of it, so there!

So what are your thoughts on my version of the outfit?

also, look what I made this past weekend.

the flowers, not the nosy puppy.

but really I just planted them in a planter on the patio.

Oh and hey guys, come over to 2 Birds to check out how other people were inspired by Gwen's outfit!


  1. I like your version it's cool, fun and everyday appropriate. I really like the inspiration pictures and look forward to seeing more.

  2. Love how you have transfered this inspiration in your own look!

    I am a new reader! Just found your blog! So glad I did!

    Monique xx


  3. you mean you wouldn't wear boxers under your jeans to work??? i agree that it is inspiration, not replication and i love your take on this outfit! ps...i love francesca's jewelry, and that necklace is no exception!

  4. I like your take on the look! I've had the same experience of pairing things I wouldn't have thought of. These inspiration mondays are a lot of fun!

  5. Nice use of inspiration.

    I love your dog in the photos.

  6. Hey what's your email? I can't reply to your comments and I'm not sure if you subscribe to comments on my blog.
    my basset hound would try to be a lap dog. man i miss her. My cat is like a dog (runs to the door to greet people, wants to be petted or paws at your legs, plays fetch) but it's not the same as my dog (Daisy)