30 April 2011

FBFF: Fitness & Fashion

FBFF time. I like this week's questions. I have been thinking of incorporating some fitness into my blog, but wasn't sure how to go about it.

1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why?

Most definitely! I have had lots of different fitness routines throughout the years but what has finally worked for me and kept me dedicated is the Boot Camp Challenge I participate in. I started doing the sessions last year, before my wedding, and I have continued since then. I have found that I always work out more vigorously and more regularly when I am participating in a group workout. I will show up more when I'm being held accountable by my workout buddies and I push myself harder when I have more fit people to compare myself to.

And why do I have a fitness routine...first because I don't want to be overweight or unhealthy. I was overweight for a majority of my adult life (75 pounds lost!) and I don't ever want to be that unhealthy again. For me, it was not only the lack of exercise, but also a major lack of knowlege regarding portion control and how unhealthy the foods were that I was eating. I really had no clue how bad many of my favorite foods were until I did food journaling when I started Weight Watchers in 2003. But now I also exercise because I like it. Plus it gives me energy during the day when I've already worked out at 5:30 in the morning and I seem to sleep better at night as well. Plus it's nice when you work hard, lose some inches, and fit into smaller pants, YAY!

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?

Even after being at a healthy weight the last few years, I still struggle with having a good body image. Sometimes I see myself feeling guilty over a 40 calorie thing of candy. Those are the times I try to reassess and look at the big picture. I remind myself of all my progress into becoming a healthier person. And being at a healthy weight has definitely increased my self confidence. I still feel vulnerable when I try something on that be a little tighter-fitting, but if it is flattering (and not slutty), then I can take pride in being able to fit into that style.

3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion?

Workout Attire

Workout Attire by lemondrop_linz featuring a longsleeve tee

It's definitely more about functionality for me. I want to be comfortable when I'm working out. That being said, I still try to be a little fashionable. If I'm wearing pants, I don't want them to look like they are high waters when I'm running outside or on the treadmill.

During the summer (which has already begun here in Texas), I usually wear knee-length pants. I don't usually feel comfortable wearing shorts because they ride up too much while I'm working out and I don't want to worry about flashing anyone. I often wear a tank top or racerback tank on top. If it's for boot camp and a little chilly, I'll wear a long sleeve tee for a layer until I'm warmed up.

A good sports bra is key when working out...you don't wanna be flopping around and distracting people at the gym! And this may be TMI, but you also have to consider whether your underclothes will give you a wedgie...there's just no right way to pick a wedgie in public.

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you "should" be doing for your own physical fitness?

I always hated how everyone and their mom were "runners." I say "runners" because I used to think that anyone who would run for exercise was a runner. But once I got over my hatred for running and stopped labeling people who ran, I realized that it wasn't so bad. I only hated it because it was hard for me to do it. But after using it as a supplimental cardio to my boot camp workouts, I started enjoying it. Plus I take my dogs with me a lot too so they get some exercise. That's what Cesar Milan says to do!

5. Dream big...what would be your ultimate fitness goal.

I think I'd want to do a triathlon. I'm sure most people would say run a marathon, but I actually have no desire to do that. For some reason, it just looks crazy to me! That probably has to do with my weird perception of "runners" again, haha.

But I think I could handle a triathlon...with training, of course. I have done (half) of an MS150, and I like to swim and now like to run, so why not?

And maybe I would do a half marathon. That doesn't seem quite as nutty to me as a full one does.

In honor of fitness day at FBFF, I've combined my outfit pics with some exercise!!

If you haven't jumped on a trampoline in a long time, you'd be surprised on how much work it is!

It burns a lot of calories and it's easy on the joints.

I LOVE my new top and skirt!!

Thanks for letting me jump on your trampoline and also for taking pics of me on it, Tami!

top: Dillard's, gray (looks blue) pencil skirt: Target, red kitten heels: had forever?

So what's involved in your typical fitness routine? I always love hearing more fitness tips that I can incorporate, so please share!

And have a lovely weekend!


  1. great post, congrats on the 75 lbs lost! healthy fit you is quite an accomplishment, bravo babe :) you sound like you are well on the fitness track and are a good inspiration. keep it up


  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Yes, a good sports bra is VERY important. Gotta hold the ladies in :)

  3. Way to go on the weight loss!! What an amazing accomplishment!! And I think it's awesome that you've found something you love and STUCK TO IT!!! I feel like a broken record, but I tell people all the time that there is something for everyone-truly. And once you find that thing you will look forward to your workouts! :)

    Oh, and I want to do a tri as well!! Surprised I haven't done it yet.


    P.S. Do you have twitter? I just tweeted your post! :)

  4. congrats on losing 75 lbs and keeping it off. Keeping up with an exercise routine is an accomplishment. Go you.

  5. i love this! i've been needing some inspiration to work out lately, and this just might be it. 75 pounds is AMAZING. love it! good for you :)

  6. Hello dear! Those are wonderful fitness goals! I know exactly where you're coming from with the whole guilt trip thing, except kudos to you for being ahead: I'm still working on that bigger picture!
    Keep in touch, luv!
    xx Sarah Ashley