21 April 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I decided to join in with Sydney's Awkward & Awesome Thursdays today. Plenty of awkward things happen to me all the time so I'm sure I can fill up today's post with some recent ones. And actually, I started this post 3 weeks ago, so now I have even more awkward awesomeness to share...or awesome awkwardness. Is it just me or does the word awkward look weird after you type it 5 or so times?

No, I'm not on drugs.

Awkward is...

realizing you still have a size sticker on your cardigan...AND it's the second full day you've worn it

having to get gross trash out of your dog's mouth...the special monthly kind

waiting in stop & go traffic just to get to work late.

someone clipping their fingernail right beside you and it popping out and coming within an inch of your eye...and the dude didn't even notice!

my work's safety dept giving out safety glasses the following week as part of EYE SAFETY MONTH... "Come ON!" (Arrested Dev anyone?)

taking an outfit picture beside the drainage pipe of my house...that's just weird

Awesome is...

my husband cooking for me, which he does A LOT. Recent yummy creations include a tortilla chip encrusted pork tenderloin and the mussels I recently posted.

my dog sleeping through the night

being 2 weeks away from our 1st wedding anniversary

martinis...shaken, not stirred. also, did you know that James Bond made vodka martinis the cool kid thing? before the movies came along, most martinis were made with gin. little fun fact for you (courtesy of my husband, the smart one)

being measured at the end of my last boot camp session and finding out that I've lost weight AND inches, wahoo!

fitting into the smallest size pants I've ever worn in my adult life!!

Do you have a recent Awkward or Awesome moment you want to share? Well then do it already!

See y'all tomorrow for the weekly FBFF post!


  1. Cute outfit! I would have yelled at the guy clipping his nails. Hooray for losing weight I need to start working out soon.

  2. Congrats on losing weight and inches. Always a good feeling.