04 April 2011

Inspiration Monday with Two Birds

So I was going to participate in Two Birds' Inspiration Monday that they did today. They share an inspiration picture of a certain look and then whomever wants to shares their take on that inspiration with clothes from their own closet.

Here's this week's look.

But this morning, I actually dried my hair and fixed it (only because I just got it cut on Saturday), so I lacked the motivation and the time to find a cute outfit within the parameter of the Monday challenge.

Here's what I wanna do instead. Now that I'm obsessed with Polyvore (and maybe have 5 more sets I have yet to share with you all...you are so excited now, aren't you?!!), then why not take a few minutes here and there at work today to recreate an outfit there?! I tried to use similar pieces to what I have in my closet so it would sort of be the same idea. And maybe...I said maybe...I will also go home and recreate the look with real live clothing! Then we'll see how my clothing compares to my Polyvore set, which compares to the Two Birds Inspiration Monday look.

Whew...are you even still with me?

If so, check out my Polyvore inspired look below.

2 Birds Inspiration Monday Polka Dot Skirt

So let me explain this set. What I'm centering this look around is a black polka dot skirt, green tee, and ruffle belt that I own.

I couldn't just show you similar things from my closet that I'd pair with it. Obviously, I had to give myself...er, you...more options to choose from. Everything on the left, from those adorable yellow oxford heels and Kate Spade purse to the retro glasses and striped blazer...and even a blue blazer thrown in there for a slightly more casual look. This is what I'd want to own and wear with the outfit.

But my runner-up outfit, AKA items similar to ones I actually own, is on the right. I'd go with the snakeskin heels, my (still new) Coach bag, some bright yellow accessories, and then either a gray striped or purple cardi. I'd have to see the cardigan on to decide what I liked best.

Stay tuned this week to find out how I really wore my inspired look.

Notice I didn't say tomorrow...who knows which day this week I'll actually wear it. You'll just have to come back to find out!

So which are your favorite pieces?


  1. Hands down, the yellow oxford heels. I love those shoes. Do you remember which brand/designer they are?

  2. i love it with the purple cardi! your outfit is great...can't wait to see it! also, those shoes are fabulous!!
    thanks for participating!

  3. I love that skirt! I would totally throw on the purple cardi AND the yellow oxford heels just to be super colorful!

  4. oof girl i do not blame you for not being able to get your hair to look like that. i've been wishing i look like alexa chung for like a year and a half and it has not happened.

    also? you have amazing taste! i want every single thing on that inspiration board!

  5. Everyone is having so much fun with the Polyvore page, I want to join in! I really like the pieces you choose and can't wait to see the outfit.

    ps. Thank you for the lovely comment and the Urban Decay recommendation. You should check out Make-up Forever #92 that purple is wonderful!!

  6. My pick is the polka dot skirt. A polka dot skirt is definitely on my radar now. And I like the yellow scarf. It would go with any of your picks. I hope to see your in real life picks later. I am thinking of posting another take or two on this look. two birds have really inspired us with this challenge. Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments on my two birds Monday Inspiration post.