08 April 2011

FBFF: Spring Trends

FBFF Topic this week is Spring Trends!

What are the top 5 Spring Trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season?

Of course I chose clothing & shoes trends to feature!!

Spring Trend #1: Wedge Sandals!!

Well apparently they only show images of the right shoe. All images from DSW.

Does this not make you wanna go shoe shopping? With so many adorable wedges out there, I know I'll be buying some soon. This is sad, but I have some amazing royal blue ruffle wedge sandals sitting in my closet that have never been worn. I'm making a resolution now to wear them in the next month.

Spring Trend #2 is Florals

Spring Trend 2011: Florals

I'm seeing both bright big floral prints and small vintage florals and I'm loving it all! I definitely think some florals can pair together, but you just have to be careful if you don't want to come across as eclectic. By the way, all the picks above are less than $100!

Spring Trend # 3 is Wide Leg Pants

TopShop linen pants, $80 ASOS pleated pants, $81 Adam wide leg pants, $84 Black pants, $180 Akira Black Label high waisted pants, $45 Topshop, $76 ASOS wide leg pants, $54 Stoneware Hearts, ABC Carpet & Home, $50 MERCI GUSTAVE Eiffel Tower, 49 EUR

Pants are really going retro this spring and channeling the 70s. What I like about wide leg pants now is that they have more of a classic look these days. And also, they're SO flattering for almost every body shape!

I don't think I'm really feeling the red floral pants, but all the other ones I would totally buy.

I included the Eiffel Tower because it's wearing wide leg pants too!

Spring Trend # 4 are this season's color trends: Orange & Chartreuse!!

Spring Trend 2011: Color Trends

Spring Trend 2011: Color Trends by lemondrop_linz featuring cotton dresses

I adore these bright colors!! I own some orange in my closet but I'm thinking I need to fill in some of the gaps with a few lovely chartreuse pieces.

And maybe it's just me, but as I'm looking at this Polyvore set, I'm really loving these 2 colors paired together...challenge accepted! I'm going to find some chartreuse to style with the orange I own and feature it on the blog.

Spring Trend #5 is Neutrals

SO maybe this choice threw you off a little. Neutrals...on ME? But seeing them over and over in magazines and online is just making me love them even more.

Layering neutrals is really big for the spring, but just make sure you don't get all matchy matchy with it. You want to stay monochromatic.

What are your favorite spring trends you are seeing and wanting to show off?

Any pieces above you are craving?

Or how bout any ideas for styling some of these trends?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. i want lots of chartreuse for my collection, it's a gorgeous color and compliments me :) the wedges must be mine as well, I only have one pair and they are nice and comfy, need more. good picks!

  2. Great trends! I love orange and chartreuse too... though I've never been brave enough to pair them together! I usually pair chartreuse with turquoise, but orange sounds more intriguing!

  3. I love your background image on your blog... it is so cute!
    Also, you collection of florals is the best ever. Great choices!

    matters of merrymaking

  4. you orange chartreuse board is lovely. I have loads of wedges & patterns to bring back out! Thanks for sharing these! -xo

  5. We shared three of the five (wedges, wide leg pants and brights), but I snuck neutrals as a sixth. It was hard to choose only five trends! I can't wait to see how you style your blue ruffle wedges-lovin' me some blue this season...

  6. Colour blocking is my favourite trend for spring summer 2011. I like the wedge sandals you posted up and I'm not usually a fan of wedges but that was a good selection you found :-)

  7. im DYING for cork wedges and flare jeans! the bigger the better.

  8. Fabulous list! I'm absolutely loving the wedge sandals. I completely forgot to add them to mine!

  9. OHHH!! The wide leg pants paired with some florals and a pair of wedges. Sounds perfect! I can hardly wait!!


  10. Let's hear it for florals! Yay! Looking forward to seeing you in some of these trends this spring!

    This reminds me, I need some wedge sandals! I especially like the floral pattern and rainbow check wedges you include above! Gorgeous.

    Happy Spring! :)

  11. Yay, I'm already bringing my wedges out for spring. The wide leg pants trend has to be my favorite. Hmmmm...orange and chartreuse is a interesting combo.

    Neutrals and florals is something I have to work on in my wardrobe. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I almost bought some wedge sandals yesterday. I tried to buy some last season. I can't seem to get any that fit my foot properly which is really weird.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    You know I didn't even think I liked wedge sandals (or sandals for that matter) but I think seeing the trends all over the place has me wanting them.

  13. I love your colourful pictures so many amazing pieces here, I want them all