12 April 2011

Inspiration Outfit: Diane Kruger

I decided to join in again for Two Birds Inspiration Monday. I'm just a day behind.

This week, we are basing our looks on Diane Kruger's look below.

Super cute, right?

Definitely not wearing boots in April though! I live in Texas...it was almost 90 degrees this past weekend!

My look below is about as inspired as I could get yesterday morning. I had such little sleep Sunday night with neighbors having a party and VERY loud music until 3:00 am!

I mean, really?? On a Sunday night?!?!

Top: Target. Skirt: Sears. Shoes: Endless. Earrings: White House Black Market. Ring: James Avery.

I'm actually pulling my skirt up in the pic above. Sexy, I know. And thank my dog Lucy for grabbing the spotlight with her butt shot, haha.

The skirt was so big it fell at my hips and kinda become a midi skirt for the day.

If it were a straighter skirt as it looks in this pic, I think it might work better.

Trying to pull off a messy cute bun...falling down by the end of the day.

This is the skirt I wanted to wear with this striped button down. Isn't it super cute with the belt over it? It would've been my first attempt to rock a belt over the waist of a skirt.

But I couldn't walk around all day like this...I actually pulled this skirt up (also too big), folded over a portion of the waist and put the belt on. It worked fine for a pic, but not so much in the real world.

So now I'm realizing that all my a-line skirts are now hitting me at the hip. I haven't worn some of them in so long that I've lost inches since I last wore them. I'm not complaining that they are too big, I'm super excited about that! I'm just sayin' that I didn't realize I actually had an excuse to go shopping!

But it's a lot harder to shop when you actually need a specific piece...don't you think?

So anyway, how do y'all like my inspired outfit? How would you change it?

I definitely want the skirt to be higher so I could wear a skinny belt with it, but that wasn't gonna happen this morning. And maybe I'd incorporate more color because I definitely think it's lacking my usual bright and cheery colors I like.

What I enjoy about these inspiration outfits is that I think outside the box (or closet!) a little more than usual when I am getting ready. I haven't worn this top with any skirt yet and I rarely wear this skirt.


  1. girl, you need to gain some weight! or like you said, do more shopping (i'd personally pick option 2!) i love your shirt! and the belt over the skirt is super cute!

  2. I love both outfits, but it's missing your bright pops of color. Maybe it's time to shop or see a tailor!?

  3. i love this outfit! and your skirts are too big? what an excellent problem to have! i love your hair, as always, and i think you are cute as a button :)