17 May 2011

Yellow Etsy Cravings

Since my wedding last year, I have been attracted to the color yellow. I always liked it before, but now I seek it out and crave it in clothing and accessories.

Here are some fun Etsy finds in yellow that I'm currently craving.

I think I'd want to wear the top and skirt as separates.

Yellow Dot Clutch

I bet I could make something similar...but I've never tried.

Yellow floral laminate fabric

Polka dot fabric bundle

The necklaces I bought for my bridesmaids. Here's the seller's Etsy shop.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Oh I love the clutch and the vintage dress! I thought of you today when I coincidentally dressed my self and both kids in yellow - then the man at trader joes gave G a yellow balloon and we were starting to look ridiculous! lol.

  2. love that necklace!!! thanks for your sweet comment..unfortunately, we don't have an etsy shop. we have toyed with the idea, but it's so time consuming that we decided on the pop-up shop instead. maybe some day...

  3. Yellow is my all time favorite color! :) I love that this post is all about YELLOW! Super great finds!