23 May 2011

Inspiration Look: Prep School

Another Inspiration Monday challenge with Two Birds. I just love these, don't you?! I really branch out on Mondays at the office now.

This week's look is super cute and also caters to the bloggers do it better: prep school challenge.

Hey, I can never pass up a 2 for 1 deal so of course I was going to participate!

When I got dressed this morning and pulled back my hair into a bun, I felt very androgenous chic. I'm not sure if that's a term or not, but pre-makeup, I really was feeling the men in menswear.

I decided that my preppy/menswear look needed minimalist accessories. I opted for some (fake) pearl earrings and the necktie was a great replacement for a necklace.

I've had this red tie that I have worn very little and immediately thought of when I saw the inspiration pic. That was the easy part.

I wore comfortable brown pants and very simple black flats to keep the look very clean and classic.

I have a white button up shirt with short sleeves but I really wanted to go with more color (go figure!) and decided to go with a pink shirt. Pink shirt and red tie?? What was I thinking?!?!

But seriously, who started that rumor that those colors don't go together? The right shade of any colors can be paired together and I LOVE red & pink as a pair, don't you?!

I am freezing every day in the office so despite the 80 degree weather in these pics, I wanted to be true to the outfit I wore all day and show you the cardigan I also wore. My friend Em calls these the Grandpa cardigans and I think that's so cute and true! They definitely remind me of Mr. Rogers.

I honestly don't think I would've worn the outfit without the cardigan. To me, it really pulled it all together. I felt like I nailed the preppy look while keeping some femininity in it as well. Would you agree?

Thanks for stopping by, neighbor. Now mosey on over to Two Birds and Bloggers Do It Better to see what the other participants are wearing! And hey, why don't YOU join in next time? I swear it's fun and totally helps you get dressed on time!


Target flats & cardigan, NY & Co pants, LOFT shirt


  1. I like how you styled everything ! I came from the Bloggers Do It Better blog since I took part of the challenge, too :)


  2. I love ties in womenswear, and I think the colors definitely go together! The cardigan tops everything off perfectly. Great take on the inspiration photo!

  3. love it!!! so much! you are right, the cardi really pulls it all together. i love your color blocking...red and pink totally go together! you look adorable!

  4. I wish I had had time to participate as I really love this outfit. May have to try a belated post. You look is great, very fun and I like how you brightened it up

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  5. Very nice styling. The poses lend to a masculine feel as well, minus the last shot. Great job -- you're gorgeous!

  6. I totally love the color combination and that you took the risk of wearing a tie! Kinda fun, huh?! :)

  7. I love the bright red tie. You are really pretty!

  8. you just look too cute! love it. i adore your red and pink combo! in your case, bloggers DEFINITELY do it better!

  9. You have an amazing profile and I think you look absolutely perfect in this.

  10. Perfect styling and very wearable for an everyday look, I like cardigans over shirts. The red and pink go so well together.

  11. I love the pink with the red and it does kind of give it a more feminine menswear vibe! Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.blogspot.com

  12. I am absolutely loving the red and pink together!

  13. So cute! I love the tie with this look. Great go-to outfit!

    New follower :)