11 May 2011

Paper Doll, Edition 2

Paper Doll Project

It was awesome getting up this morning and knowing I already had clothes picked out to wear!

I participated in The Paper Doll Project again and had the pleasure of working with Beck from At Her Best.

I asked my partner to style my outfit around my trouser pants. I love them dearly and try not to wear them to work every day. I think limiting them to one day a week for the past month has been pretty good!

So Beck chose to pair the trousers with a black/white polka dot top, one of my favorite floral cardigans, and some yellow shoes. I chose the yellow sandals over the yellow uncomfortable heels that are super cute but can't be worn for an hour straight yet.

All I did was add some accessories - a brown braided belt to define my waist, some yellow drop earrings, and a black bead necklace.

I loved my outfit all day. And I know comfort isn't most important, but seriously y'all, these are the cutest, most comfortable pants I might've EVER bought!

Here's a close up of my sandals. I couldn't take a good full outfit shot.

Oh and Lucy wanted me to pick her up and love on her so she can say Hi to all of you!

A big Thank You to Beck for being a wonderful partner. Go check out how I styled her outfit here.

And THEN, come see all the other Paper Doll Project participants over at Miss Vinyl Ahoy.

Hope y'all had a great hump day, see you soon!