09 May 2011

Inspiration Outfit: Floral Dress

Another week and another great inspiration outfit photo from 2 birds.

This week's inspiration look is this adorable floral ensemble and jean jacket on Nicole Richie.

I thought this was a floral dress but now it looks like a romper. Either way, I'm not wearing a romper. They would NOT be flattering to this pear shape!

I love love LOVE floral prints! I love little vintage-looking florals, mod chic florals, and big bold florals, they're all beautiful to me!!

You've probably realized that I wear most of my inspired looks to work, so I had to tame it down a little in order to be appropriate. But I wore it on Friday so I could keep it casual!

The spaghetti straps on the dress would be a no-no at work without the cardigan.

lots of skin showing from the front as well without the cardi

My puppies were camera shy this time. They were having too much fun sniffing around the backyard.

floral look: Target dress & cardi, GAP jeans (long & lean), UO shoes

James Avery necklace, Target earrings

Forever 21 belt

First time I wore these shoes from Urban Outfitters and I love them!

Nicole Richie has great style and looks super cute, but I like my look better...at least for me! :)

What do y'all think?

I'm also using this link for EBEW too, so be sure to check out other florals in the fashion blogosphere.

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  1. Your look works for you since it has to be work appropriate and fit your body type. I think you did a good job and I like that floral dress, but couldn't wear it since I'm top heavy. :(

    Great job!!

  2. SO cute and funky! I love those shoes, too!

  3. i love your take...don't be so hard on yourself, you have a fabulous figure!

  4. I love your take on it! It's sweet, but not too sweet. I love it!

  5. That is a super cute dress! I love the way you translated the inspiration look to be work appropriate too

  6. The shades in the dress look great on you! This is a cute look and I love that you wore it with jeans. That's something I keep wanting to try, but haven't yet.

  7. Cute outfit, it is one that I would also wear. That necklace is so adorable!

  8. I love this floral dress! It's wonderful and I would like it please. I love how it has a slight bubble shape to it.

    If you happen to check out my florals, check out my giveaway!

  9. several things: (1) i LOVE the print of your tunic. like, really, love it. (2) i totally used to have a pair of black fabric mary janes like you're wearing. i'd forgotten about them until i saw yours. now i want them back. (3) love the color of lipstick with this; it's the perfect shade to go with everything. you look fabulous.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

  10. I love the bright florals. I wore fabric flats like that all the time in college.

  11. I like the bold print on that dress! And your shoes are adorable!


  12. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I look forward to wearing your suggestion! :)


  13. Cute dress. I love that you wore it over jeans!