18 May 2011

I'm A Soccer Aunt

I've recently had the priviledge of attending my nephew's soccer games. It is so cute to see those little 4 year olds, running around (sometimes the wrong way), and (trying to) stop or kick the ball.

To be honest, I'm not much of a soccer fan. I enjoy my nephew's games more than soccer games I've (not really) watched on tv. I think the only adult soccer games I've watched in entirety were when the U.S. was in the World Cup last year. Sorry to any soccer fans out there.

Anyway, being outside for these soccer games gives me a great opportunity to enjoy the warm weather here before it becomes unbearable. This means it's time for my legs to see more daylight in shorts, eek!

See? You CAN dress for the summer AND look cool. HA!

I'm constantly cold so I must always have a cardigan on hand.

Close up of my accessories. I can only wear the hat on weekends.

The I LOVE these earrings, got them on our honeymoon in Costa Rica last year. And I can't stop wearing this orange necklace from Francesca's. It pairs so well with everything!

shorts: Dillard's / floral tank, purse, hat: Target / cardigan: JCPenney / necklace: Francesca's Collection / earrings: Costa Rica


  1. I can't even imagine my own 4 yr old trying to play an organized sport, that had to be hilarious!
    I adore that hat, it looks perfect on you!

  2. Being a soccer aunt is even better than being a soccer mom because after you spoil them rotten, you just give them back! At least, that's what my sister is always saying. ;)

    I absolutely love that orange necklace. I really need more orange accessories!

  3. My little cousin plays soccer and I haven't been able to attend a game. I heard she's pretty great from my aunt though.

    I love and need that hat!! Very cute outfit plus I'm loving the MJ middle pose.

    I'm happy your back!! You were gone from my google reader for some days. :) Yay your back!!