06 May 2011

FBFF: Shoes

FBFF topic this week is a favorite of mine....SHOES!!!!!

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?

My fall back shoe is the BC Footwear Women's Afterglow Pump in Teal. I bought them last fall, right before the fall 30 for 30, and they are so comfortable and super cute!! They jazz up any outfit with the round toe, visible stitching, chunky heel, and bright color. I'm thinking of getting another pair in a new color!

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?


I have no desire to own 5 pairs of black flats. I own a couple pairs of black flats, but they are easily distinguishable with either a peep toe or slight wedge or bow at the toe. I only have one pair of black flats that is a simple round toe ballet flat...and it's from Target so it was super cheap, Yay!

So I usually look for shoes that are different. I want bright colors or a pattern or something fun that doesn't bore me when I look down at my feet.


I have noticed that if I buy shoes that are truly comfortable to wear, then I'll actually wear them, imagine that! What's the point of just "collecting" shoes that sit on your shelf in your closet and are never worn because they are painful? Because I want comfort, I don't always just get cheap shoes just because they are cheap. I used to shop at Payless a lot, but then the shoes would either hurt my feet or fall apart.

Comfort is especially important for me when I'm looking at heels. If I want to wear heels to work, then they definitely have to be comfortable enough for my feet for an entire day. Wedges in the summer are great because they are super cute and easily comfortable with the wide wedge heel!


This goes with what I was saying about Payless shoes. I want shoes to last longer than 2 months. If they are comfortable and cute and a good brand, then I will spend $50 or more if I know they will last me a while. If they are made cheaply, but are still comfortable and cute, I may buy them and hope that they last a year. I will often get bright colored flats at Target for around $10 that I wear for about a year and then retire. I've even found some cute and comfy flats at Walmart, but they lasted me less than 6 months. For longer lasting flats, I often buy Blowfish or Rocket Dog brands at DSW.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

I wouldn't say that the majority of my shoes are a certain color. I probably own more black shoes than anything else, but they are definitely not the majority of the shoes. Some of my black shoes are from the days when I would only buy heels in either black or brown. I was so boring back then...or maybe just practical.

4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

Poetic Licence - It's funky and fun and always colorful!

Seychelles - Same deal, they are always colorful and unique.

Blowfish - Super comfy and unique-looking flats

Steve Madden and Madden Girl- For cute and (usually) comfy (enough) heels

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

A pair of Jimmy Choos. A friend of mine got some as a Christmas gift from her husband and they are these ADORABLE 5 inch platform heels in a cheetah print and she told me she can wear them to work all day and be comfortable! I want some Jimmy Choos some day (maybe not in cheetah print)...but I know I won't be willing to part with $700 for a pair of shoes any time soon.

Here's a few favorites I found on Polyvore. I think this paycheck weekend will find me with some new shoes very soon.

I heart shoes

What are some of your favorite pairs of shoes and where have you worn them recently?

Stop by tomorrow for a special wedding anniversary post. :)


  1. Love the Poetic Licence Women's Countryside Pump - it's gray and yellow - how could you possibly go wrong???

    Your go-to shoe is so cute!!


  2. I need more colorful shoes in my life since my wardrobe has so many prints. The shoes in the first picture are pretty cute. They kind of look like the urban suede pumps in leather.

    ps. If I could buy a shoe right now it would be anything by Kate Spade! Love her accessories!!

  3. I'm definitely into more comfort/cuteness factor these days when purchasing shoes, because I'm always on the go! I like your picks here,especially the polka dot wedge.

  4. That's a great roundup of some cute, affordable shoes!! I love the polka dot wedges and the pink flowered pair!