10 March 2011

Polka Dots, how I love thee!

I have always loved polka dots. They are classic, fun, timeless, and just so cute! When I see them, I smile and know that things will always be cheery as long as polka dots exist.

Here are a few polka dotted clothing items I am totally digging right now from Modcloth.

Head over to joy, et cetera to check out Elle's super cute blog and her polka dot tights!
You'll find yourself wishing you were just as adorable as her. At least I do every time I visit.

What's your favorite polka dot piece you've seen online? Link up and share with us!

Tomorrow I will be showing some cute polka dot baby items I've made.
They will also be posted in my Etsy shop once I take some pictures during daylight hours.

Happy Friday friends!! :)


  1. OOF I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! you are the cutest. and all these things are things i need to buy right now. immediately.

  2. I want that bathing suit and those tights!
    Not to wear together obviously! haha

  3. I think I could do with all of the above!