23 March 2011

Paper Doll Project

I love it when other people dress me.

It just makes life easier when you go to your closet and don't have to internally debate what you should wear for the day.

Yesterday, I participated in The Paper Doll Project.

Here's the basic concept. All participants were put into pairs. Within each pair, each blogger chose one piece for their partner to style their outfit around.

Dude, I totally lucked out with my cool partner Sara from Skrush. I mean, how cute is she?! Go read her blog and you will love both her clothing and writing styles!

Since I recently got this fun blazer from my friend Emily's garage sale, that's the piece I picked for Sara to work with. (Thanks for not selling it and letting me have it for free, Em!)

Sara suggested I pair it with this purple floral button up that I wore during the fall 30/30 remix, as well as a brightly colored scarf, skinny pants/jeans, and short boots.

I guess I'm not the best paper doll because I actually don't own a pair of skinny pants/jeans. That's sad! Only once have I tried on skinny jeans and my big calves didn't fit. I was literally too big for skinny jeans!

So I improvised a little and decided to wear my new Banana Republic jeans I got for only $18(!!) and some chunky teal heels that were comfortable enough to wear at work all day.

I added my green yellow polka dot scarf and Shazaam! A fun new outfit emerged. I'm absolutely loving it!!

I ended up having to disrobe while at work (take off the scarf) because I was running around so much. With or without it, the outfit totally works. And maybe this will push me into searching for skinny pants now, because I know Sara's ideas were spot on.

Now go check out Sara's blog to see my suggestions for her!

And THEN, go see what the other Paper Doll Project participants wore!

Post Edit: I need a tripod so I can take pictures in locations other than my backyard.
I'm tired of seeing the same fence.


  1. Fantastic! I love that you chose that yellow/green scarf - excellent complement to the purple.

  2. This project was super fun! It was like having an inhouse personal stylist for the day!
    I love the scarf, and I think the jeans you chose definitely made it work!

  3. Yay, great replacement for the skinny jeans, the outfit still came out really cute!! Love the floral scarf a wonderful touch of spring!!

    Congrats to the both of you!!

  4. i also have big calves and found that a very jean-like/durable jegging is the perfect solution to too skinny jeans. also, i love the outfit!

  5. This is such a fun idea! I love it!

  6. Very nice! What a great outfit for you. That blazer is a great find!