15 March 2011

Crafty Polka Dot Fun

I love to use polka dots as a main or coordinating fabric when I'm sewing. They make my job a lot easier when I'm trying to buy fabric because they complement most prints and solids so well.

Here are some past sewing projects that have incorporated polka dots as the main or complementary fabric.

Tie Onesie with stripes and polka dots

Cupcake Onesie with floral and polka dotted fabrics

Ribbon Tag baby blanket with polka dot back

One of my favorite aprons I've made! Beaters fabric with red polka dot top, trim, pocket and waistband. Adjustable neck tie was with black/white polka dot ribbon.

The Out & About Wrist Bag in black/white polka dots with pink handles.
Bag made of silk and perfect for a night out!

Coming soon...

polka dot scarf, pillows, and more fun baby onesies!

Want to see polka dots on something else? Send me your ideas for my next sewing project!

1 comment:

  1. that apron is so cute! you're sooooo pretty...even in a goofy apron! (maybe that comment should be switched to 'especially in a goofy apron'!)