22 November 2011

Fall Favorites

Hey kids, I'm back! Did you miss me? Let me recap the last month and a half of my life for you. (For those not interested, skip ahead to some outfit pics which were really taken a few months ago).

At the end of September and into October, my hubby and I went to Europe!! We had SO much fun there! Started off at Oktoberfest in Munich, visited some German castles in lower Bavaria, visited the Koln Dom, got caught up in the charming city of Bruges, saw amazing art in Amsterdam, and had some of the most wonderful meals of my life!!

Best. Trip. EVER.

Plus vacations are always way more fun when 1) kids are in school and 2) you spend it with your best friend.

I need to post pics of our trip and I promise that is coming, but I still need some time to catch up on life.

Post Europe, I came back to craziness at work. Super busy and people freaking out while I was gone. Thanks for that, coworkers.

2 weeks later, we headed to New Orleans for the Voodoo music festival that we attend yearly.

The weekend after Voodoo, I was in my first craft show of the year (and actually made a profit, Woo hoo!)

Then work from home all the following weekend.

Then 2nd craft show and more profits, YAY!

Back to present day (which is only 2 days after 2nd craft show) and it's Thanksgiving week already! I'll be glad for the long weekend but I have lots of orders to fill from the craft show.

Next week, I have my family's (mom & 2 brothers, not twins) birthday to celebrate, as well as my mother-in-law's birthday party to host.

Maybe THEN I'll have some time to just relax. Ha. We'll see.

But really, I'm not complaining. I like staying busy. It's easier to prioritize what you need to do when you have a million things to accomplish. Don't you think?

In some crafty news, I have a few new projects I've been trying lately that I will share with you soon.

Thanks for remembering that I exist and stopping by.

Here are some outfit photos I found in the depths of my computer files.

When my hubby takes the outfit pics, I get about 3 total and he says,

"Done. See? It doesn't take 30 minutes to take pictures of your outfit."

Boys are funny.

light grey pinstripe jacket (GAP), free from garage sale

white/black polka dot top (Macy's)

red/black floral skirt (Ann Taylor)

electric blue heels (Kohl's), thrifted

Yep, Lucy snuck into that last photo.

She's always curious when I'm taking pics.

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this week! Family fun, fabulous food, and (hopefully) fantastic football!

Then I'll stay up to start shopping at midnight on Black Friday. People think I'm crazy, but it's a tradition in our family. Even if I don't buy that much, I still like getting up early to do it.

Do you have any crazy/fun Thanksgiving traditions in your family? What are they?

Hope y'all have an amazing week!

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