13 June 2011

Shopping Ban Challenge

I've decided to really challenge myself this summer in order to save some money for my trip to Europe this fall. I'm not going to go shopping until September. So for the months of June, July, and August, I will not spend my own money to go clothes shopping. I say my own money because if someone wants to treat me then I'm all for it! Plus I have one Dillard's gift card to use so I might as well wait until a moment of weakness and then use it.

While I'm at it, I'm going to throw in the fabric shopping as well. I definitely overbuy fabric. "It's so cute and I want it and I can think of so many things to make with it" is what goes through my head in the fabric store. Then I get home, wash it, and it sits in a box or on a shelf in my Craft Room for many months (and sometimes more than a year!).

So I'm holding you responsible for helping me with this decision. I've let myself get carried away with having MORE and it's time to stop that mentality.

This all started when I was looking in my closet last week. I was (finally) taking out the rest of the sweaters to put upstairs with my other winter clothes and I realized that taking them out didn't really help make room. No one else was around but I felt embarrassed. Lately I have even been invading my husband's side of the closet with my overabundance of clothing and that has got to stop!

I think I allowed myself to spend more on clothing this past year or so because I was staying around the same clothing size for once.

So I'm doing a major rehaul this summer. I'm wearing more of the clothes I currently own, some of which have still never been worn. And I'm going to get rid of the lingering pieces that I know I won't wear again.

And as far as fabric goes, I will only buy fabric if I have a specific request for a custom order. Otherwise, I know I have plenty on hand for most orders.

The only time I've tried a shopping ban was during the 30 For 30 Challenge in the fall of 2010 and I ended up cheating and using a Groupon that was expiring. I felt so guilty about it...but not so guilty that I took the clothes back.

Have you ever put a ban on your shopping? How have you gotten through it without getting depressed?

Also, anyone have any good tips for creating a cleaning schedule? I am not very motivated to clean my house so I wait and then have to spend a day or 2 to clean it before people can come over. But I really should do a little bit of cleaning each day. I need help!! Any suggestions?

psbtw, I have several outfit pics to post for y'all but I haven't had time to edit my photos yet. so no pics today. sorry for a boring post.

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