15 June 2011

Anniversary Dinner & Lovely LBD

Remember how my husband and I had our one year anniversary a month ago?

Don't worry, we're still as happy as ever. :)

I'm just finally posting the little black dress I got to wear for our night out.

I wanted our anniversary dinner to be the first time I wore it so I couldn't have any spoilers on here beforehand. Not that hubby reads this with all the fashion talk, but it's the principle of it.

So here's our cute selves before going out to dinner.

Isn't it hilarious that right behind us in this picture is a picture of us on our mantle? We're so vain...we probably think this blog is about us.

Is that song in your head now? It's in mine.

When you're a couple without kids, all your pics are of yourselves. I guess I'd rather have that than 20 framed pictures of my dogs. Sorry if that's you, but I just find that weird to go into a house and have the same pet looking at me from tons of framed pictures on the wall. Talk about creepy.

And here's the dress on its own.
Isn't it adorable? And it was less than $20 at Target, YAY!
I think it kind of has a 70s vibe going for it.

I wore the first jewelry ever received from husband (first Valentine's Day when we were dating) and some sexy red hot heels!

Thanks to Lucy, the heels were chewed on that weekend...my fault for leaving them out, but still, not cool. I'm hoping the cleaners near me can fix them.

That's all for now. I'll be posting my lace outfit pics later tonight for EBEW.


  1. very pretty dress. you scared me for a second when you said "lace out pics" but I realized it wasn't what you wore later that night!

  2. Love that dress! The flirty little sleeves and the shape definitely has a '70s feel. It's gorgeous!