23 September 2010

Lemon Drop is back in business

Well I basically took off half the year from sewing. I would longingly look at my sewing machine in my craft room, wishing for more time. But then I'd remember the long hours spent sewing bags and aprons during the holidays. It was fun while it lasted (most of the time), but as I don't know how to tell someone no, I accepted all orders, even at the last minute, and kept myself extremely busy while making some extra cash for Christmas gifts. And now Christmas is only 3 months away and I'll have to be thinking of gifts again...sigh.

When January came this year, I knew I wouldn't have any time for sewing (okay, maybe I did 1 little ol' onesie). But with the wedding coming up, I needed that break. And I have to say, the wedding was amazing. I mean, seriously, it was everything I could have hoped for. Maybe it didn't run perfectfly but it was beautiful and I felt the prettiest EVER on that day and then I got to marry my best friend. That was my favorite of all.

Here are a few photos of the day...

(maybe I'm taking this opportunity to show off my wedding pics to people who aren't sick of them yet!)

My favorite pics of the day...


the men...they look like the Mafia here

my girls

adorable niece & nephew

My husband is an amazing dancer...

As is my nephew...

These guys have some serious skills.

So I've been starting some new projects for Lemon Drop but I've been bad about taking pictures of them. I'm hoping to convince a friend to help me with as she practices her photography. Win win, right?

I've finally "branched out" and made a few bibs. It helps that another friend is pregnant, so this has made me work on different projects that I used to avoid out of some unforeseen fear of something new. And I'm working on a new special project that is SO Lemon Drop. You'll just have to come back to find out what it is...

...the suspense is killing you, isn't it? (or probably not as I may only have one reader...Hi Brother!)

And I'll also be making a dress for my 2 year old niece pretty soon. I'm hoping this will encourage me to make more dresses to add to my shop. I always say it's harder for me to make kids' clothes since I don't have children, but really, REALLY, if I'm being honest...that's just an excuse. There are plenty of people I know with kids who would be glad to take 100 more photos of their children wearing something new and cute from Lemon Drop.

Randomness warning...

Does anyone else like to sew on weekends while watching football? Sewing is girly and football is manly...does that make me androgynous? Maybe it's an odd habit of mine, but being a native Texas, I'm pretty much required to love football...and college football is the best. I'm thinking I should take that inspiration to make a football-themed bag/apron/onesie/something this weekend, in order to celebrate the season.

It's good to be back and sewing again - just in time for the lovely season of fall.

I like to look at pictures of the fall season to remind myself that it exists...as all southern Texans know, it doesn't really exist here.

Have a beautiful day....

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  1. Great post! :) And as your photographer friend, the answer is yes, I'll take pics anytime. Just tell me when!