10 August 2011

The Pattern Is Full

I totally messed up the last couple months and forgot to look at the EBEW website and participate in the challenges! Which means I missed Yellow and Thrift!

But I happened to remember to look for August and it's Pattern Mixing, woo hoo!!

I love bright colors and fun patterns so this is going to be fun!!

Lucy is so excited she can't even see straight or sit still!

Here's the ensemble I chose for pattern mixing.

striped sweater: JC Penney

ruched bright purple top with bow: NY & Co.
shiny purple skinny belt: Target

earrings: cheap jewelry store off of Harwin in Houston

lovely floral skirt: LOFT outlet

I incorporated 3 patterns into this outfit!

Maybe it's just my opinion, but I'm pretty sure I nailed this challenge.

I also made a trip to Sam's after work in this outfit. And I got the sweetest compliment on my hair. Isn't that the best?

I love my not-so-basic black heels for work! The heel is short and comfy and the print makes it unique. I hate for my shoes to look like run of the mill black work pumps. Boring!

Hope you enjoyed my pattern-full outfit. I definitely loved putting it together and wearing it!
Check out some other pattern mixing over at Every Body Every Wear. There are some great inspirations out there for your next outfit!

Everybody, Everywear  Pattern Mixing


  1. Pattern mixing seems to be hit for miss, and I think you totally hit it here! Fabulous color combination too!

  2. Love your patterns! I always forget about EBEW until its too late. Your shoes are killer, too

  3. I absolutely love the pattern on that skirt and I think you look great!

  4. Love the pattern mixing you have going on here!! The sweater goes perfectly with the skirt. - Katy

  5. Saw you on EBEW and I love this look! I think it is a great and subtle take on print-mixing, the colors all complement each other no nicely. The skirt is to die for!! Fabulous inspiration :)

  6. Stripes and floral are my favorite patterns together! And I'm in the same boat -- I've been missing challenges left and right :/

    I am excited about colored pants coming up, though!