14 July 2011

Missing You...and shopping

Dear Readers,

Have y’all all left me yet? I hope not! I know I haven’t been the bestest blogger lately. And I know I just used “bestest” and “y’all all” and I hope you know that it’s not that I have bad spelling or grammar…I just like using words that are non-existent, such as bestest. And if you haven’t figured out that I overuse the word y’all, then I must’ve been typing too formally.

I promise not to type formally anymore. I am going to talk to y’all like you’re sitting right in front of me, having a cup of tea, or coffee, or diet coke…or even a martini. But are you really drinking a martini while reading my blog? I know it’s called Tart Lemon Drop but it’s a little early for a drink…don’t you think? (Did you know I’m the new Dr. Seuss?) Or not...depends on where you live, I guess.

Sometimes life gets crazy around here and I get busy. And when a weekend comes around where I don’t have plans, I make long lists of crafts and chores and errands that I want to do before the weekend is over. Sometimes I actually do some of what’s on my list…but usually not all. What happens is that I get lazy and want to relax. So I’ll be motivated and do some cleaning or laundry for a couple hours and then I decide I need a break (a 5 hour break, apparently) and end up watching some movie with my husband.

If it’s a Saturday, you can bet on him watching the terrible movies you've never heard of on the Sy Fy channel. You know the ones I’m talking about…with maybe one actor you recognize from that one tv appearance they had, and the rest are unknown actors (and there's a reason they are unknown). The movies where the graphics are so bad that they make you laugh. Yes, that’s what we end up watching and laughing at.

Does anyone else just get lazy and unmotivated like that on the weekends? Unless we’re having people over, I never accomplish the list I make for myself. And I’m not sure what can really motivate me to finish my list. Maybe I can reward myself with something. But it can’t be shopping because I’m still on the shopping ban.

By the way, I’m doing great on that, thanks for asking. It hasn’t been easy, though. After I made that decision, my dearest sweetest husband who hates to shop decided that he needed to go shopping for some clothes those first 2 Friday afternoons. Of course I went with him. I slowly tortured myself by walking through the women’s section of each store. I even asked him very sweetly if he would buy me something for being good. :) I know that sounds like cheating, but he knows about the shopping ban, so he said that IF he bought me something, it would have to be something he picked out himself. I didn’t get to pick it. I thought that was pretty fair.

I was a good girl that day. ;o)

Yeah, I can't find the camera with the pic and I'm not holding any longer on posting this. So just imagine a cute pink plaid button up shirt from the Nautica store. He has good taste and knows what will work on me.

Back to the question at hand. How do you find time to do all the things on your list? Do you create lists for the weekend? Do you have a List app you’re obsessed with? I like ColorNote and Google Shopper.

And with all of that, how do you find time to devote to your blog? Maybe part of it is that I’m selfish. I am in front of the computer so much at work that I don’t want to be tied to it all weekend too.

I hope you are still around and want to be my BFF...or reader. Either one works for me.

Another question for you while we're being random. If you've ever done a shopping ban, how have you coped with that as part of the fashion blogging community? I am hesitant to look at blogs while on the ban because I think I'll get clothing obsessed again.

Apologizing for a post without a pic. I know that can get boring.

Until next time (and I promise it won't be 2 weeks again)...

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